“I get lost in those eyes, those starlets of hope

I breath fresh air through those eye, those green pastures of pressing oxygen

you fill me, consume me, control me,

I see the swamps of our desires, the moss of our errors,

I am the bacteria growing, the natural habitat is my existence.

I see life in those eyes, growth under the right conditions,

I taste healing,

from the leaves, of the tree, from the growth, of the hope.”

-SCA Perry



image8.jpeg“Set free the girl longing to be

held by your expectations

bound by your failure.

Live the life that pursues you

and pursue a life that lives for you.

Hold not heavy the unmarked

but celebrate the words unwritten.”

-SCA Perry



“Its supposed to happen quick

In a moment

There and not there.

Nobody ever talks the drag,

Those that don’t get instant gratification. 

Those that slip away into the doctors, monitors and medications, 

And the family that waits silently, screaming on the inside

hoping and praying and wishing for a miracle on the outside.

Nobody ever talks about the drag

Those that don’t get instant gratification,

Waiting for Friday, like a promised vacation.”