Day 3

written on day 4.


Yesterday turned out out be one of the most intense days I’ve ever had. I stared the day on the golf course, it wasn’t too cold thankfully but I had this weird sist in my mouth that eventually ended up being quite painful. I made my way to urgent  care and 5 hours later I  had a temporary root canal and an appointment to come back within a week to finish the root canal. I left the hospital in order to retrieve my antibiotics and pain relievers only being able to retrieve my antibiotics. I return home only to be locked out 30 minutes later, for at least 3 hours. I cant explain to you the pain I felt one the numbness wore off my mouth and I was still outside in the cold. Once I made it inside and finally took some pain medicine all I wanted was to do was be comforted while my wife thought all I wanted was to be left alone, leaving me to go to sleep quite unsatisfied, given I could have spoken up and told her what I needed… but easier said than done I suppose.

The next day I started work at 8 am. I went to bed the night before between 9 pm and 10 pm close so I felt plenty rested and fully awake to make this decision.




I’d like to write here everyday, no matter what I am writing or when I am writing it; I’d like to read everyday, a book in hand, constantly learning.

I’d like to start incorporating yoga and meditation to my daily routine; I’d like to study and learn more of the Buddhist ways.

I’d like to lift weights and do cardio, keep my body and my heart strong. Bonus if I  can maintain a strong abdomen.

I need to change my diet, one thing at a time. I’d love to go all natural, nothing man made.

I must practice patience, at all times. I must be kind to myself and not compare my growth with others. I must remain constant, any effort is better than none.