Snapchat-1326507773     “She was like a wildfire.

She just appeared,

and  took over

never looking back.

I got caught in her fire,

like an electrical line

swinging from a pole.

We burned together,

everything we touched

we set  ablaze,

and when it all settled

we were the ashes together.”

SCA Perry


Double Sided

snapchat-1267043100.jpg“When did we disconnect…,

why am I still feeling your yesterday?

Awaken by swirling rotations rumbling inside,

sleep battles the filling fluids urging me to sit right.

Control of my body is control of my mind. 

Controlling my mind to control my body.”

SCA Perry



“Its supposed to happen quick

In a moment

There and not there.

Nobody ever talks the drag,

Those that don’t get instant gratification. 

Those that slip away into the doctors, monitors and medications, 

And the family that waits silently, screaming on the inside

hoping and praying and wishing for a miracle on the outside.

Nobody ever talks about the drag

Those that don’t get instant gratification,

Waiting for Friday, like a promised vacation.”