Snapchat-1326507773     “She was like a wildfire.

She just appeared,

and  took over

never looking back.

I got caught in her fire,

like an electrical line

swinging from a pole.

We burned together,

everything we touched

we set  ablaze,

and when it all settled

we were the ashes together.”

SCA Perry


Double Sided

snapchat-1267043100.jpg“When did we disconnect…,

why am I still feeling your yesterday?

Awaken by swirling rotations rumbling inside,

sleep battles the filling fluids urging me to sit right.

Control of my body is control of my mind. 

Controlling my mind to control my body.”

SCA Perry


Gypsy Den


“I promise there is one part of her that is worth it.

You must trouble through a lot of her that is not yet sorted,

you must overcome parts of her that look down but really are a climb up;

you must fight against her even though all she wants is for your to win.

You will endure her coldest winter ever,

you will suffer the heat of her body,

You will not know pain until she has grabbed you by the heart, and then let go…

but I promise there is a part of her that is worth it,

find the part of you that is strong enough to endure, to withstand, to fight, to win.”



Joshua Tree


“Can you see darkness arising from beauty,

do you see the shades of grey in a cotton candy sky?

Feel the wrath of the cold in a beautiful picture,

Can you see whats not there to the bare eye?

Perhaps you feel a photograph,

that cold breeze or blazing sun.

The dryness of the desert, the moist of the morning,

I suppose it all depends on the angle and the breath.”






Bottom Lip


“How I long to be the corners of your mouth,

uplifted every time you smile

which so often you do.

I need a ride on the edge of the world, your world,

I want to hang by by your bottom lip

swinging from your laughter.

I want to get caught in your three syllable words,

latching on to the vowels.

Speak life into me, mouth words that set me free

hanging from your bottom lip.”







“I get lost in those eyes, those starlets of hope

I breath fresh air through those eye, those green pastures of pressing oxygen

you fill me, consume me, control me,

I see the swamps of our desires, the moss of our errors,

I am the bacteria growing, the natural habitat is my existence.

I see life in those eyes, growth under the right conditions,

I taste healing,

from the leaves, of the tree, from the growth, of the hope.”

-SCA Perry